If you were involved in an accident while on the street, riding public transportation or driving on New York, Queens or Long Island roadways you may have a claim against a municipality entity. While you may have up to three years to pursue most negligence claims, in order to maintain a claim against a municipality, you need to file a Notice of Claim within 90 days of the accident date. Due to this Notice of Claim requirement, it is important to consult with a personal injury attorney who can determine whether you have a valid claim.


I want to thank Rick Rutman and the law firm for continuing to help me years after my case was settled. I was an infant when my case was resolved. My infant's compromised check was inappropriately cashed. Years later, Mr Rutman helped me discover what happened to the check and fight with the bank that wrongfully cashed the check. The bank refused to reimburse me for improperly cashing the check. He wrote letters to the bank, called them and then made a complaint to the federal agency in charge of overseeing the bank. The bank finally gave up and issued me the check. Mr. Rutman did not charge me anything at all for this extra work he performed. He did it because it was the right thing to do.
Marcel B.
I highly recommend Rick Rutman and Popick & Rutman. I was referred to the law firm by a family friend. I was hurt in a demolition accident. The building I was working on collapsed. The law firm helped me every step of the way including finding the right medical specialists, the workers compensation attorneys and litigating the case. The case settled for 7 figures. Rick Rutman explained every step of the procedure with me, kept me informed of what was going on and obtained a great resolution without having to go to trial.
I was very  satisfied with the way Mr. Rutman represented me and my case.  From the start, he was very accommodating and drove to New Jersey to meet me.  He helped me find medical providers, he helped me obtain lost wages and he even helped me obtain a loan through a funding company.  On the other side, the defendant did everything they could to delay the case.  But Mr. Rutman stayed focused on my case. I found Mr. Rutman to be patient and seasoned. I was worried that the insurance company big wigs had more resources than we did but Mr. Rutman was a silent killer. I was truly impressed. I also appreciated the fact that Mr. Rutman broke down attorney jargon for me in layman's terms.  The case went to mediation and all the other passengers who made a claim settled at the mediation.  But Mr. Rutman told me that my offer was not enough and we did not settle.  Mr. Rutman traveled to California to do a videotaped deposition of my treating doctor to prepare for trial. The case was eventually resolved after jury selection for an amount more than double of what was offered at the mediation. Mr. Rutman and the law firm made me feel at ease and that my family & I could trust them.  The law office team was personable and always easy to reach.  I highly recommend Popick & Rutman.
-Thalia E.  (a client who sustained multiple fractures and other injuries while a passenger on a bus)
I was a construction worker hurt on the job while building the Second Avenue Subway. Initially, another attorney told me that I only had a workers compensation case and rejected my personal injury case. I was referred to Mr. Rutman by a friend whose case Mr. Rutman settled several years ago. Mr. Rutman settled my case for an amount I am extremely satisfied with, even though I came to him after the time to file a notice of claim had passed. He also got the workers compensation lien waived as part of the settlement. I would definitely recommend them to family and friends.
Luciano F.
I tripped and fell on the sidewalk and hurt my knee. They came to my house and Mr. Rutman took the time to answer all of my questions. In the beginning, I felt a lot of frustrations with the lawsuit process because I didn't know what to expect. but then they explained it to me step by step. I felt comfortable knowing that they were on my side looking out for me. The office staff was easy to deal with. They were very friendly, helpful and pleasant. They kept me informed of what was going on. The translators on their staff were good as well. They settled my case and I am very happy with the resolution. I would highly recommend them.
I slipped and fell in a supermarket while making a delivery. I did not report the accident to the manager, there was no accident report and I did not go to the emergency room. Initially, the insurance company for the supermarket did not want to pay for anything, claiming that there was no proof the accident happened, but Rick Rutman got the insurance company to pay six figures and got my workers compensation lien reduced. Everyone in the office was very helpful and friendly. I would definitely recommend Popick & Rutman to anyone who needs a good lawyer.
Shun Y
  • Cases against the City of New York may include a fall on a defective sidewalk, a motor vehicle accident with a City-owned vehicle, a fall due to a hazard in a park, and case involving police conduct such as false arrest, assaults and shootings.
  • Cases involving public transportation may include subway and bus accidents, accidents on the subway or railroad platform.
  • Cases involving injuries at a public school may include negligent supervision of the student resulting in injury, and assault by a teacher or other employee of the school or injury at school due to a defect at the school itself.
  • Accidents in New York City Housing Authority buildings and premises along with accidents in or medical malpractice committed at one of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation facilities also require separate notices of claim.
Brad Popick and Rick Rutman have handled hundreds of Municipal Liability cases.

In our daily life, we walk the streets, ride the public transportation and drive on the various roadways throughout the City of New York, Long Island and its surrounding suburbs. We drop our children and grandchildren off at the public schools. We go to the parks and playgrounds for recreation. It is the responsibility of the municipal governments at the State, City, County, Town and Village levels to maintain its streets, roadways, playgrounds and buildings in a safe condition for its citizens and visitors.

In addition to municipal governments, our transportation system has several different entities operating in the New York metropolitan area. The MTA, New York City Transit Authority, Long Island Railroad and Metro-North Railroad all operate separate entities from the City of New York that are responsible for the safety of their passengers.

Brad Popick and Rick Rutman, the partners at the Queens, NY law firm of POPICK & RUTMAN, are experienced personal injury attorneys who have handled hundreds of Municipal Liability cases. Each of the above entities requires its own Notice of Claim, POPICK & RUTMAN can get all Notice of Claims filed in a timely manner and start an investigation of the claim(s). The investigation would include obtaining reports and documents and retaining an expert such as an engineer to do an inspection of the accident site.

The period in which to file a lawsuit is also shorter than the 3 years as a lawsuit needs to be filed within a year and 90 days and in some cases within 1 year.

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