Suing for Truck Accidents in New York State

If ever you find yourself involved in an accident in New York with a commercial truck then rest assured you want to make certain that the attorney you hire specializes in, and is highly experienced in litigation specific to commercial truck accidents. A truck accident occurring in New York cannot be handled or litigated in the same fashion as a typical vehicle accident. Though the similarities between the two types of litigation are many, commercial truck accidents are subjected to far more safety rules, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which is a specialized set of rules on safety that apply only to commercial trucks and not to other vehicles.

With that said, hiring a New York attorney who is experienced in commercial truck litigation and highly familiar and knowledgeable in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations is mandatory to your defense. Fighting with commercial truck insurance carriers is a challenge in and of itself, which is why a savvy, hard to manipulate New York commercial truck lawyer is a must have for anyone involved in these types of truck accidents. A highly experienced attorney knows the ins and outs of litigating against the negligent truck driver along with the employer and the owner of the commercial truck and will surely be able to represent your case and the facts effectively.

Rules that Apply to Commercial Truck Drivers

One of the most important safety rules that must be adhered to for commercial truck drivers is the simple fact that they must be over the age of 21. Further, all commercial truck drivers must pass a physical exam, and obtain a special CDL (commercial driver’s license). Once you have complied with these requirements, it is further required that every commercial truck driver maintain a log in their truck with a history of, at minimum, the previous eight days activities. Finally, all commercial truck drivers must abide by the strict limitations regarding the number of consecutive hours that they are allowed to drive.

At the end of the day, commercial trucks are subjected to far more safety requirements than typical vehicles simply because not only is it much harder for a commercial truck to stop quickly, but it is extremely difficult for commercial trucks to take appropriate measures to avoid an accident altogether. The size and weight of a commercial truck presents with far more dangers as well and the extent of the harm they can cause is quite excessive and can even be fatal.

If you or anyone you love has been involved in a commercial truck accident in New York then surely you want to engage the services of a highly skilled and educated commercial truck accident attorney. When the time comes to present your case to a jury, rest assured you want the very best attorney representing you and one that will ensure you are fairly compensated for your injuries as well as all your losses. Take ample time to perform your own due diligence before choosing a commercial truck accident attorney to stand in your corner!


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