When Is It Necessary To Call A Personal Injury Attorney?

When Is It Necessary To Call A Personal Injury Attorney?

Sometimes people are injured and it is no big deal, for example if you cut yourself and the only treatment you need is a band aid. But when you sustain an injury such as a fracture, an injury that causes significant pain that will last for a prolonged period of time or you sustained lost wages because you cannot work it would be in their best interest to get in touch with a personal injury attorney. Here are some common injury situations in which you may need to consult with an attorney if injured.

Slips and falls are a very common occurrence that may require the help of an attorney. If someone slips on property that belongs to another and it was due to the owner’s negligence or a statutory violation it is possible to recover damages. Hiring an attorney will help determine the injured party’s monetary damages. Consulting with an attorney is mandatory to find out if the owner has legal liability for the condition that caused the fall.

Buying a product that is defective can cause harm in some cases. For instance, if a car seat is purchased and it does not perform as it should and a child is injured, the parents have the right to sue the manufacturer. This type of case sometimes involves many others who have experienced the same type of trauma and is referred to as a class action suit.

Industrial diseases are another reason to get in touch with a personal injury attorney. If a factory worker is diagnosed with emphysema or some other respiratory illness and it was caused by a chemical being used in production, there is a chance that they have a case. It will depend on the specific circumstances, but it is certainly conceivable.

There are other instances where people are injured should call an attorney. This is a general idea of some examples in which an attorney should be consulted, dog bites, construction accidents, being a victim of medical malpractice, an assault in a bar when people should not have been served alcohol. Many people are injured daily and they shrug it off. This is very unfortunate since it is actually possible for many of them to recover a monetary settlement.


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