What to do if you fall on a public street

Contact the Personal Injury Attorneys at Popick Rutman if you fall down or trip on a public sidewalkYou’ve  fallen on a public street. Now what?

Sometimes in everyday life we fall down and get injured, but what happens if this occurs on a public street? If your tumble was due to a broken sidewalk or something of that nature, there are certain steps that should be taken. Here is a good idea of how you should proceed.

Assess Your Injuries On The Spot

If you should fall down on a public street you should not attempt to get up quickly since there is a chance that you may have sustained some type of serious injury. Try to move as slowly as possible and closely monitor the way that your body responds. If you don’t notice anything different that is great. On the other hand, if you have difficulty getting up, you should call out for assistance.

Seek Medical Attention

This advice applies to both those who are able to get up and those who are not. Some people falsely believe that you don’t need to be checked out if you feel fine, but this is not always the case. There are some delayed injuries in many cases and you will not have any recourse if you wait too long to seek help. If you are badly hurt, call an ambulance. Otherwise, head to the nearest medical facility and let them know what occurred.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been examined and it has been determined that there are substantial injuries, you need to get in touch with a Personal Injury attorney as soon as possible.  The main reason is that many falls involves municipalities who require filing a notice of claim before you may make a claim against them.  There are short time limits to file the notice of claim and to start a lawsuit. You should also furnish pictures of the place where you fell (if available), contact information for witnesses and anything else that you believe will be useful. Never contact anyone else since you do not know where their loyalties belong.  Allow your attorney to handle it.

When you fall on a public street, it is important that you proceed correctly. Keep all of this information in mind in case you are ever unfortunate enough to need it.


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