Know Your Legal Rights

We have recently been retained by a client in a situation that illustrates how anyone in their everyday life may end up in a circumstance requiring the legal advice of a personal injury attorney.

This particular client was shopping in a local store of a nationally known branch. Due to the negligence of store personnel, one of those anti-theft devices that is removed at the register was laying on the floor, the pointy needle part sticking up. Our client accidently stepped on that pointy pin-like item and punctured her shoe and her foot. The foot became infected causing both pain and suffering as well as necessitating medical fees to see her doctor for treatment. We intend to file a claim on her behalf and negotiate a reasonable settlement with the store’s insurance company or their attorneys, to include the medical costs and remuneration for a pain and suffering. If no reasonable agreement is reached we will be her legal representation in court.

The key point is that anything can happen to anyone at any time. Should you ever be in a situation in a store, on a public street, in a vehicle where you are injured you too may benefit from the legal representation of a skilled and experienced personal injury attorney. Clearly no one wants to get hurt but if you accidently do it’s important to know your legal rights.


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