How to Handle a Faulty Product Liability Situation

product liability lawsuit; Popick Rutman personal injusry lawyers, Flushing Queens, NYSo you purchased a product and in just a short span of time learned that your product is faulty and/or defective, and you ultimately suffered injuries as a result of its defect. So what is a consumer to do? You are just an average Joe who purchased a defective, faulty product and have even suffered injuries along the way, but surely you have no idea how to handle a faulty product liability situation.

Well, to begin with, most product liability cases are extremely complicated and indeed very challenging. The average case typically requires all sorts of expert analyses and testimonies. Depending upon the product itself and the resulting injuries, if any, your case may even require advance scientific evidence or even statistical evidence as well. With that said, the key to your product liability case is finding and hiring the experienced product liability attorney.

When hiring an attorney for a product liability case, clients are required to pay on a contingent fee basis, although you will probably be required to pay costs up front like filing fees, deposition fees and even expert fees. Since these types of cases can be confusing and complicated, it is best to find yourself an attorney who is up for a challenge and remarkably competent and experienced in product liability.


Product liability cases can be filed and pursued by individuals, but many times are filed as class action lawsuits since the faulty product injured or affected many people. If, however, you have been injured using a specific product and wish to pursue an individual faulty product liability lawsuit, then surely that is the approach you should take. Though you will be put under some serious scrutiny about the product itself, your use or misuse of the product and even your injuries suffered, hiring an experienced attorney who will properly represent you can and should be beneficial.

When filing a product liability case, many times a good lawyer can have your case settled before it has to go to trial. However, if your attorney cannot settle, then the next step is to file suit. Keeping in mind that there is much at stake for the manufacturer of the product should you go to trial, including the fact that your individual case can open the door for many more lawsuits as well, there is a good chance that with a highly professional and experienced product liability attorney your case can settle out of court. The manufacturer’s fear of exposure from the case may force their hand to settle quickly, fairly and out of court.


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